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Our catering mantra, “be of service”, is at the heart of Gourmet’s catering style. We perform catering services at an exceptionally high level, in both quality and service, at prices that are competitive with the local market. We fully understand that each event must be tailored to your requirements, from the style of service to budgetary considerations. Our “be of service” attitude allows us to work with every facet of planning to ensure that your catered functions meet or exceed expectations. 

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality and service for your event. Please allow us time to order product, schedule staff and effectively serve your needs. You may also order from our daily menu selections.  It is necessary for us to establish guidelines to ensure we have adequate time to meet your expectations. We suggest a minimum of one day to two weeks depending on the event but can also accommodate requests with shorter notice prior notice when requesting events.

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